Difficulty: 3,322.417     Price: $14.35 USD
    Pool Rate: 0.00 kH/s


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PooledBits Litecoin Mining Pool
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Download a Miner
강남가라오케 . BitFinancial . Finance Phantom . BTC Definity . Finance Phantom . visit website You can mine Litecoins with either a GPU or CPU (or both!).
For GPU (usually faster) mining, download the latest CGMiner. A GUI is also available.
    - See here for configuration parameters

For CPU mining, download the latest CPUMiner - (forum).
    - If you are on Windows, you can download a prebuilt version: 32-bit, 64-bit
    - If you are on OSX, you can download a prebuilt version: 32-bit, 64-bit

Configure your Miner
Use the details in the Help Section to configure the miner you're using.

How am I paid?
PooledBits uses a PPLNS (Pay Per Last N Shares) payment method with a 0% fee. What this means is that when a block is found by the pool, rewards are distributed to everyone based on the number of shares they contributed.

For example, if N was 1 million, and you submitted 100,000 shares, and someone else submitted 200,000 shares, when a block was found, each person would earn LTC based on the % of shares contributed. You would earn 10% of the block value, and the other user would earn 20% of the block value.

How does this compare to a PPS Pool? Compared to a PPS (Pay Per Share) pool, rewards will be higher on average (no fees!), but will be a bit more varied. You might go a shift or two with lower than average earnings, and then a few shifts with higher than average earnings. But on average, a PPLNS pool should have a higher payout overall.