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Recent News
Jan 08: PooledBits has slowly been shrinking over the past few weeks (due to an extremely unlucky spell). As such, the chances of us finding a block has dwindled to the point where we no longer imagine it will happen any time soon. As such, we've migrated our backend to pull work from p2pool (distributed pooling). Because of this, you will see a noticible increase in stale shares, but this is in line with most of p2pool (expected), but rewards should increase overall.

Dec 06: As many of you know, we've had a few issues on our servers for the past few days (and a week or two ago). These should all be resolved now, however, there are some lingering effects. During some of the problems, a few blocks/rewards were processed multiple times, this has been corrected, so your balance might be a bit lower than it was previously. The unfortunate part, is before the issue was noticed we had a few payments go out based on the incorrect balances. After fixing balances, this causes a few users balances to be negative (paid more than they should have been). Obviously this is in error, but we have no way to earn those coins back. The losses were minimal overall (around 40 LTC, 10 TRC), and have been replenished from my personal account.

Payouts are resuming immediately, and the issue has been corrected so it shouldn't occur again. Once more, sorry for the problems and delays in payout.

Dec 04: Over the past week we've had a few issues with the host our pool server is hosted on. A few blocks/rewards were attributed to accounts multiple times due to various hangs in litecoind/database. All shares are being processed, but payments are on hold until we can figure out exactly what was paid/overpaid. Sorry for the confusion.

Nov 14: Payments didn't process last night, we had a few days without any blocks being found, and then 3 found in rapid succession, and our hot-wallet didn't have the funds in it to cover the gap between when we pay blocks (10 confirmations), and when the funds actually clear. Funds have been moved from cold-wallet, and payouts have been processed. Sorry for the delay.

Oct 26: PPLNS Shares per shift will be increasing soon (longer shifts).

Oct 14: A script was processing the same block find multiple times, so payouts were delayed a day until we could fix the issue. Everything should be working now.

Oct 12: Added a section to show recent blocks found, includes stats on pool luck and more!

Oct 11: PPLNS Stats now shows the currently paid shifts, as well as the last 100 closed shifts.

Oct 7: Hashrate displayed on workers is incorrect for the TRC pool, working on a fix now. Edit: Fixed!

Oct 6: We'll be adding a few more alt-coins pretty soon here, check back soon.

May 31: Added support for TRC, everyone can start mining, just point your miners to the correct port (change web view in the header)!

May 13: All earnings from yesterday should be fixed, sorry for the confusion!

May 13: Looking into why some earnings are showing incorrectly. Should have an update later today.